About Us

Aero Welkin India is a supplier of high-quality Inflight and Hotel amenities, necessities, and accessories.


Aero Welkin India is a supplier of high-quality Inflight and Hotel amenities, necessities, and accessories. It is formed by a team of industry experts that bring passion to our desire to create innovative, high quality and safe products to run your business operations with the highest guest satisfaction rates possible.

Aero Welkin is committed towards becoming a preferred supplier to leading international airlines and hospitality chains. Our products portfolio consist of items as bedspreads, soaps & amenities, towels, sheets, furniture, draperies, mattress covers and more. We value longevity and products that withstand commercial use. Visit our services page and our catalog to learn more.

  • Environment Friendly Packaging and Formulation.
  • Global Distribution Coverage.
  • Private Label – Co Branding and Full Custom Capabilities.
  • Excellence in customer service and administration.
  • Experienced and professional management team.



We foster a learning environment and we take every opportunity to deepen and expand our expertise. All of our employees are asked to develop keen business acumen and are encouraged to continually enhance their professional skill sets. The result is a confidence and ability that enables us to deliver service and product par excellence.


We are a team – and the team extends beyond AeroWelkin employees to include all of our external partners. We understand that sharing ideas and energy leads to higher level solutions. We prefer to proactively build relationships as a foundation to our consultative sales philosophy.


We encourage our employees to take ownership. Our internal resources are structured to allow design and implementation of process and product improvements so that we can pass along better value to our customers. We understand how to make decisions – and we make them.


We cultivate the mindset and action-orientation associated with always thinking improvement and advancement, which allows us to pass innovative products and solutions to customers. We stay in motion. We are open to ideas and we take time to investigate the viability of new approaches.


We are truly connected to delivering value to our customers. In all aspects of our business, we closely work with our customers, factories and supply chain partners to rethink every small change than can bring in greater value to our customers and delight to the end consumers. This means testing with new materials, resizing and reshaping as per need and optimizing production processes. Even our shipping undergoes scrutiny that links within our value chain delivery.


Aero Welkin aims to be the leading Inflight and Hotel products partner.

With industry expertise, to become a world leader in supplying guest amenities to the Airlines and Hospitality industry that exceed guest and business expectations and increasing customer loyalty through exceptional service, quality, price and integrity.